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Amarillo dating divorce nina tami travis

A.)Tami Hoag - Oak Knoll series / Kill the Messenger Steve Hockensmith - The Black Dove (Bk 03 Holmes on the Range Mysteries - set in the 19th Century)Leonard Holton - Father Bredder Mysteries (except Bk 4 which is set in Portugal)Keith Houghton - Killing Hope (Bk 1 Gabe Quinn)David Hunt -Kay Farrow series Charlie Huston - The Shotgun Rule Ty Hutchinson - Chop Suey / Stroganov / Loco Moco (Bk 1-3 Darby Stansfield series - all set partly in San Francisco and variously in Hong Kong / Russia & Ukraine / and Hawaii) / Tenderloin / Russian Hill / Coit Tower (Bk 2, 3&5 Abby Kane FBI Thriller / Bks 1&3 'Chasing Chinatown Trilogy' sub series - set in San Francisco)Joe Ide - IQ (set in Los Angeles)Jonnie Jacobs - Kali O'Brien Mysteries Ryan David Jahn - Low Life / Good Neighbors (also published as 'Acts of Violence') / The Last Tomorrow Denis Johnson - Nobody Move Hollis Johnson - Apache Spies (set in LA)William W.

Johnstone - Massacre at Whiskey Flats (Bk 2 Sidewinders - Western Mystery / Adventure)R. Jordan - Polly Pepper Mysteries (except Bk 4)Robert Joseph - Deadly Desire / Dangerous Deception / Lethal Legacy (Bks 1,3&5 Raff Rafferty Mystery Series)Stuart M.

Mitchell - Lovers Crossing / Choke Point - Roscoe Brinker Mysteries Kirk Mitchell - Cry Dance / Spirit Sickness (Emmett Parker and Anna Turnipseed series Bks 1 & 2 - first in the series set in the mainly in Arizona / California and Nevada - Bk 2 set mainly in Arizona)Louis Owens - Dark River James Paddock - Deserving of Death / Sailing into Death (Bks 1&2 CJ Washburn, PI - Bk 1: Idaho & Arizona, Bk 2 Idaho, Arizona & Florida)Richard Parrish - Joshua Rabb novels Jack Patterson - Dead and Gone (Bk 6 Cal Murphy Thrillers - Sports Mysteries - set in Texas and Arizona)Twist Phelan - Pinnacle Peak Mysteries Nancy Pickard - The 27-Ingredient Chili Con Carne Murders (Eugenia Potter Bk 4 - follow on series)Blake Pierce - Once Craved (Bk 3 Riley Paige Mysteries)Bella Pollen - Midnight Cactus Spencer Quinn - Chet and Bernie Mysteries (Human and dog detective duo)Mark Reps - Zeb Hanks: Small Town Sheriff Big Time Trouble series Nick Russell - Big Lake series featuring Sheriff Jim Weber James Sallis - The Killer is Dying Al Sarrantonio - Kitt Peak (Bk 2 Thomas Mullin Mysteries) / Summer Cool (Bk 1 Jack Paine Mysteries - set in NYC and Arizona)Ed Schweizer - Star Power (Bk 1 Terror Trails)Johnny Shaw - Big Maria Sally J.

If anyone spots any mistakes please add a comment so I can make a correction. UK - Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales (with listings by island grouping)20.

Porter - Deadly Detail / Happy Hour / Yukon Murders / Humpy Cove (Bks 1-4 Alex Price Mysteries - Alaskan Bush Pilot)Brent Purvis - Mink Island (Bk 1 Jim and Kram Series - A Comical Mystery set on a Remote Alaskan Island) *EBOOKElizabeth Quinn - Dr. Thomas - Robert Sable Mysteries (series featuring a Tlingit Alaska State Trooper) Matt Thompson - Oleanders In Alaska Warren Troy - Wilderness Reckoning: Caraway's Return Leon Unruh - Dog of the Afterworld (set in Alaska and Kansas) *EBOOKDon Wadley - Pavloff and His Dog (A Dan Blackhorse Mystery)Ron Walden - Ice Blue Eyes / Poacher's Paradise / Blue Sky and Green Grass / Brothers of the Badge Elaine Waldron - Cold Wind in Alaska Mary Wasche - Murder in Wasilla Sandy Whelchel - Hide & Seek Marilyn E.

Wheeless - The Dark Blue Deep Mark Wilkinson - Iced in Alaska *EBOOKInger Wolf - Under a Black Sky (Bk 6 Daniel Trokics - this one set in and around Anchorage)Robert Wolfe - Falling Walrus Glenn Yngve - A Cold, Dark Place to Die / Double, Double Oil & Trouble (Bks 1&2 Danny Slayer P.

Wyner - Murder on Camelback Mountain (Bk 1 Herb Nash Mysteries) Hester Young - The Shimmering Road (Bk 2 Charlie Cates Mystery - Set in Texas and Arizona)# Arkansas Ania Ahlborn - The Bird Eater Ron Austin - Grayville's Story (set in Arkansas and Missouri)Lauren Bach - Slow Hands Dan Baldwin - Desecration (Bk 1 Ashley Hayes Mysteries - set in Arkansas and Louisiana in the ARK-LA-TEX area)John F.

Bayer - Necessary Risk Daniel Black - They Tell Me of a Home (Tommy Lee Tyson)John Brandon - Arkansas Nancy Carlton - The Niloak County Murders series *EBOOKSH. Chandler - Mystery at Sunset Ridge *EBOOK Neil Chandler - The Search foe Avyce Buckman Curt Collier - Border Town Blood / Bloodlines / Blood and Tears / Blood and Shadows (Bks 1-4 Detective Sergeant Ellis Morgan series Supernatural Mysteries) Dan Dane - Fireflies in the Delta J. Donovan - Kidnapped (Bk 1 Absent Ballad)Lori Ericson - A Lovely County Olivia Ferrell - Stone Fish David R. Magdalen - Lennie & Vance & Benji Norris Church Mailer - Windchill Summer Lorena Mc Courtney - In Plain Sight (Bk 2 Ivy Malone Mysteries ~ Sleuthing OAP with a Christian bent)C. Mc Kenzie - Burn What Will Burn Robert Michael - Dark Mountain (The Legacy of Blood Book 1)Serena B.

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)Charlotte Elkins & Aaron Elkins - Where Have All the Birdies Gone?

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