Adult singles dating shawnee georgia

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Adult singles dating shawnee georgia

engage in self pity and anger, making us pull away and indulge in our pain...making us feel alone.

We try to supress this part of us, but the inner child resides in the

For me, from the moment I heard this I wanted it played at my funeral (hopefully not for many years.) However, I have recently had an event in my life which turned it upside down when my son, at 17, ran away to marry his girlfriend-- on the night I was at my grandmother's bedside while she was dying. A girl I was smitten with in high school killed herself and this song was played at her wake. Amy is singing to her inner child, wich for most of u harbors our fears, our sadness, keeps us from moving forward, letting go and finding peace..battle this part of ourselves constantly...trying to be an adult...responsible....unwavering...solid.

I let her go because her happiness was more important to me than my own. So please, if you're reading this, your soulmate is out there, just please don't let him/her pass you by.

this song is about deeply loving another person and being left alone by that same person.

No matter what happens, you can never give enough to gain their love, and it hurts.

Hi i want to speak out my feelings about this song so i have created account on this site just to express my feeling.... Please bear with me while I try to tell you all a little about myself.

Tears come to my eyes I can't forget to remember her... I agree that this song is about the loss of a soulmate.

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I think she is singing about herself..the writer was writing about that part of us that keeps us stuck in our pain..leave and never will....