Adult live webcam america

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Adult live webcam america

If the male seems gone often, it is because he is hunting.

Once he has a meal, the female flies out to grab it from him, and this often happens off-camera.

So it's been a long while since the male has been spotted, worry not - the true signal of his presence is the female leaving and then coming back quickly with food for the nestlings. All three nestlings look healthy and fluffy so far!

5/4/2017: Typically, American Kestrels incubate for around 27-31 days.

This box has fledged a total of 32 kestrels so far!

Keep an eye out for the next nesting season in 2018, which typically begins in March-May in Idaho.

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Fledging doesn't mean the nestlings are on their own, however.

The parents continue to feed and take care of them while they practice flying and hunting, and it's quite the dangerous time!

Among American Kestrels, it is not uncommon for fledglings to return to the nest box, for roosting at night or for a quick rest.

So, the cams will stay on for a while, to catch when they do!

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