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Zayets said she’s efficient at working with one hand, and Mila’s naps are valuable for her productivity.

Zayets said she has a lot of strategies for getting things done with Mila around, “and I kind of make them up as I go.” Her cubicle doubles as Mila’s space, and now includes a portable crib, a travel swing and a bouncer.

Nonprofits are in the business of helping other people, but shouldn’t forget their own, she said. Just by having her here it can be an example of one way that it can look, and that it works.”Jones returned to work when Willow was just 9 days old; Jones wasn’t the salon owner at the time, but there was no problem with taking her infant to the laid-back and family-oriented business, she said.

They might not be able to offer big salaries and the hours can be long, but something like baby at work can be an incentive, she said.“Sometimes we come to a crossroad where we have to make a decision to go to work and advance in the workplace and put off starting a family and have babies later,” Burton said, “but this gives hope to the younger ladies who want to start a family and shows them that can do both and still be successful.”“I think it’s something that is just overlooked,” Zayets said of baby-at-work. There are nine people on staff, and all of them have kids, she said.

They help even more so now that Jones has a broken wrist.

Employees are happier when they know their company is supporting them, said Stuart Thompson, vice president of human resources for Memorial Hospital.

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Tasha Jones, owner of The Corner Salon in the Ortega neighborhood of Jacksonville, takes her seven-month-old daughter Willow to work.

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