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Privacy, as it is conventionally understood, is only about 150 years old.

Most humans living throughout history had little concept of privacy in their tiny communities.

In Greece’s far less egalitarian successor, Rome, the landed gentry built their homes with wide open gardens.

Turning one’s house into a public museum was an ostentatious display of wealth.

Already, health insurers are beginning to offer discounts for people who wear health trackers and let others analyze their personal movements.

Many, if not most, consumers in the next generation will choose cash and a longer life in exchange for publicizing their most intimate details.

Humans invariably choose money, prestige or convenience when it has conflicted with a desire for solitude.

This book is wonderful for women who have little experience dating men and don't understand why. I grew up VERY heavy and had alot of friends, both male & female, but not many boyfriends along the way. What types of behavior in women will keep men from asking women out. This book not only provides a closer view to what dating truly is, but it also points out those little mistakes us women tend to make while trying to impress a man.For instance, researchers have already discovered that if patients of the deadly Vioxx drug had shared their health information publicly, statisticians could have detected the side effects earlier enough to save 25,000 lives.As a result, Google’s Larry Page has embarked on a project to get more users to share their private health information with the academic research community.University of Leicester’ Samantha Burke found that the Greeks used their sophisticated understanding of geometry to create housing with the mathematically minimum exposure to public view while maximizing available light.Athenian philosophy proved far more popular than their architecture.

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