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Take a look at our pics and drop us a mesg and lets see where it takes us. To me friendship is the key and for something more to happen there has to be a personality and mental click.I have lots of swinging experience with couples & singles. I live in Cape Town and travel throughout South Africa on a regular basis. I am super clean & not into anything weird or illegal. I love the outdoors and are game to try anything at least once. I have a very naughty mind if you care to find out.

No photos means fake profile in some way or another. I'm respectful and discreet and expect the same in return.

Your profile's language, spelling and missing detail, tells us a lot about you. I'm just happy to indulge in the wonderful pleasures we can bring each other, it's why we are here after all.

Whatsapp group chat and photo exchange won't happen with us. I love foreplay and sensuality and am not hung up on appearance. There seems to be a lot of negativity around single guys but please don't paint me with the same brush as the negative encounters you may have had, we are all individuals just as you are.

Please contact us if you have found inappropriate content.

Preferences We would like you to be youthful, sexy, classy, educated, well groomed (clean shaven), sensual, fit, non-smoking, mentally and emotionally mature, respectful and descreet. The worst that 1 can do besides being rude is to answer that message, I mean that is considered decency isn't it. Single guys yes we will chat with you but do not ever presume that a chat will bring an automatic play.

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