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100  seventh day adventist dating sites

The buildings had false fronts (there was still one these false fronted buildings standing as late as 1997). The railroad facilities included a four-stall engine house, yard trackage and a water tank.

There was a mill called the Eccles Mill near Austin.

Linda ran the general store, hotel and boarding house.

At one time Austin boasted a population of approximately 500 people.

Austin was quite a town in its day, with several saloons, stores and even a jail.Thanks goes to Gregg Smith for discovering this achieved newspaper article and bringing it to our attention).The town of Austin was started by a man named Newton.In the beginning, the rails stopped at the former stagecoach stop of Austin Station.A large sawmill owned by Oregon Lumber Company was built beside the tracks at Austin.

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A crew was sent out to construct the railroad grade, for the tracks to be laid on.